S-LOG 2 Venice LUTs by Alister Chapman

If you’re looking for a nice and easy way to start grading your Sony S-LOG 2 footage, I recommend taking a look at the Venice look LUTs that Alister Chapman offers up on his website:


These LUTs emulate the look of a Sony Venice camera. I have no idea what that looks like, but I like the look that these LUTs apply to my footage. There’s a specific LUT for each exposure, so that you can easily lower the overall exposure of your overexposed S-LOG 2 footage.

I use these LUTs always when I grade my A7 III S-LOG 2 footage. However, remember that LUTs are only a starting point, more grading is usually required to get an optimal picture. Usually, I would adjust WB and fiddle a bit with the exposure or curves. These LUTs are great however, to get you started, with a nice look and some extra contrast and saturation to breathe some more life into the flat looking S-LOG 2 files.

If you like Alisters work, be sure to thank him or make a donation on his website!


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