Canon FD 70-210mm F4

This will only be a short review, as I’ve only used this lens on a small number of occasions. My main objective was to compare it to the Canon FD 200mm F4 that I have previously reviewed on my site (here).

This is another fine example of a cheap second-hand manual focus lens. As this lens cost me only €25, this really confirms that using vintage lenses can get you far on this Sony mirrorless system.

Just as with the Canon FD 200mm F4, I’ve used the K&F Concept Mount adapter (reviewed here) on my Sony A7. Zooming is done used the old fashioned push-pull technique, while focussing is done the normal way, by twisting the lens barrel. I say barrel because the whole front part of the lens moves when focussing, including the lens hood (more on that later). Focussing on this lens is smooth and heavy, allowing for more precise adjustments than the aforementioned 200mm F4.

This lens is a little bit heavier, but noticeably bigger than the 200mm F4. Also, the diameter is also wider: 58mm versus 52mm on the 200mm F4. This is by no means considered wide on modern lenses, where the often used 18-55 EF-S lens sports a 58mm filter thread, with 70-200mm zooms bearing a 67mm or 72mm diameter!

Contrary to the 200mm F4, this lens comes without a built-in lens hood, unfortunately. While the external hood make the lens look more badass in my opinion, a built-in hood is far more convenient and easier to use.


Actually, I was only interested in how this lens compared to the 200mm F4 at the tele end, to see if I might replace my 200mm prime with this lens. After doing a quick comparison I came to the conclusion that while this lens is marginally sharper and has less chromatic aberration, the difference is not noticeable enough to justify the increase in size and weight. So I’ll stick to my Canon FD 200mm F4 prime for now!


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