A little bit about myself

I’m a happy Sony mirrorless shooter, focussing mainly on video. I’ve owned a number of APS-C Canon camera’s in the past, both for photography and later, especially with the Magic Lantern (https://www.magiclantern.fm) firmware. However, after my EF-S 17-55 lens died on me, I thought it was time to switch to Sony mirrorless, mainly because of the size and weight difference. I sold my 50D + 17-55 combo and bought a Sony A7 with kitlens to get me started in the Sony ecosystem.

After purchasing the original A7, I quickly realized the mark I wasn’t the best camera in the Sony Alpha line-up. Although picture quality for photo was fine, the video capabilities of that camera felt lackluster. A year later, I upgraded to the Sony A7 III, which I’m currently very happy with.

I’ve acquired a number of different lens adapters. I can now use Canon FD, EF, EF-S and Pentax PK lenses on my A7.

My beloved Sony A7 III

I’ve tried to document my experiences with all my equipment, from a usability point-of-view. You can find the specs to most of the stuff I talk about all over the internet, but the reason I created this site is because when I go shopping for new stuff, I’m interested in people’s experiences after using it for a while. I hope I can contribute in that sense!